Kokam Body Butter


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  • Net Quantity : 1.00 count
  • Net Product Weight : 100 gms
  • Brand Name : INDOVALLEY
  • Manufactured By : Swaayan Hand Made Soaps.
  • Marketed By : ARAVALLI HILLS, Girls College road, Lions Park, Neemuch, MP - 458441.
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  • Expired Date : Best before 6 months
  • Country of Origin: India

Kokam body butter is a skincare product made from the seeds of the Kokam fruit (Garcinia indica), which is native to India. It offers several benefits for the skin.

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Special Ingredients

  • Unrefined Kokam Butter
  • Virgin Coconut Oil

About this product

  • In Summer all other butters make you feel heavy and sweaty. While Kokum butter feels pretty light with almost no fragrance and works extremely well.
  • Kokum butter is great for use as a body massage butter. The butter can be lightly warmed and used for body massage where the effects of the fruit butter can prove helpful in moisturizing your skin and making it appear glowing and more luminous.
  • As a great carrier or base, kokum butter can be combined and paired with numerous potent essential oils like lavender butter, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lemon oil, etc to create beneficial scented and infused body and skin care solutions, which can be effectively used in various hair, skin, and other miscellaneous uses.
  • It helps to deeply moisturize the skin.
  • Uses – In cosmetics, body butter, conditioners, make-up foundations, lipsticks, moisturizers, hair care products, toiletries & pharmaceutical industry as creams, skin tonic, lotion, balms, shaving creams & bar soaps.

Kokam body butter uses

  • Can be used as Moisturizer
  • Repairs crack heels on the feet
  • Doesn’t clog the skin pores
  • Prevents skin drying and makes skin soft and flexible

Additional information

Weight 100 gms


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