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About Us

Indovalley Naturals

In a world saturated with chemical-laden beauty products, Indovalley Naturals stands as a beacon of natural goodness. With a steadfast commitment to creating high-quality herbal personal care products, we will revolutionize the beauty industry.

Through our range of herbal soaps, shampoos, face washes, body butters, and hair oils, Indovalley Naturals offers a holistic approach to beauty that nurtures both our bodies and the environment.


  • Indo Valley is committed to create a society, where use of products made from natural resources will be the motto.
  • To reduce the impact of toxins on human skin, by promoting our Paraben and Sulphate free products to them.
  • To help our next generations to adopt to much healthier and chemical free life style.
  • We also aim to develop new unique products,which will definitely provide solutions to skin related issues.
  • Indo Valley will always encourage producing products from ingredients which hold significance in our Ancient Indian Ayurveda.


  • To be an ideal destination, which promotes healthier living by the use of Natural Products.

Meet our Team

Udit Vyas
Manager (Digital Marketing)
CA Devesh Nagda
Tax Advisor & Consultant
Shokin Dhakad
Creative Head

What Customer Say

I recently tried the herbal products from this Indovalley, Soap, shampoo, and face wash all use natural ingredients , making them perfect for people with sensitive skin like me.

Anjan Negi Indore

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Indo Valley, The products manufactured by them are very effective & top class quality. It's been a wonderful experience! Thanks for quality products !!!

Girija Shah Mumbai

Overall, I highly recommend these herbal products to anyone looking for a more natural, sustainable option for their personal care needs. Keep up the great work!

Shreya Kohli Ujjain

I recently switched to using herbal soap and I'm so glad I did! Indovalley brand's herbal soap is amazing. It's made with natural ingredients and has a lovely, refreshing scent, Thanks !

Soniya Gupta Varanasi

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